My Letter to God

I finally decided it was time to watch The Passion of the Christ. I watched with much sadness for Jesus and the pain he had to live through during those final days. These are the words that flowed out of my heart early this morning as I sat outside drinking my coffee. This is my Letter to God…

Sitting by peaceful waters, Streams of life flowing freely

The smell of Lilac flowers fill the air, The sound of God’s creatures all around me.

I sit silently , early this morning,

I think of the torture and pain that Jesus had to endure

His final days filled with agony,

I think of the reason He suffered through it

He did it, for all of us, for our wrong doings, for all our sin

So we may have life, so we may have peace so we may experience true love.Image

Through Him there is paradise, everlasting life and joy

Oh Lord I’m sorry for my sin, I’m sorry it’s the reason for the lashing you took

I repent of my sin and ask for your forgiveness

I want to sit with you in the afterlife. I want to walk with you and dance with you

I want to hear those words from the Father – Well done my faithful Son

No more pain, no more suffering,  when I take my place in Heaven

Lord I welcome you now, with open arms

Fill me, teach me, mold me

Create a new person in me, one that pleases you

Lord give me the strength to resist, all that Satan with throw my way

It is now that he will try to convince me

To walk down his wicked path.

Give me the power to crush his temptations, from now on, from this day forward

Oh Lord thank you for Blessing me, thank you for taking my hand

Now watch me grow. Watch as I blossom into a Godly man

Thank you Father for sending your Son, so I may one day live in eternity with You







2 thoughts on “My Letter to God

  1. I absolutely LOVE this letter to God, Mitchell. It is so heartfelt and so beautiful from your heart. God bless you so much with the blessings of Heaven here on earth. Love and blessings, Maureen.

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