Sought and Saved

This is a continuation of my last two blog entries.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three – Sought and Saved

The mood of the last two entries has been pretty heavy. A bit of a downer. Well it’s time to lift some spirits.

I’ve been talking about God throughout the past two entries,  well it’s time to focus on Him.

My walk with the Lord hasn’t been the best and I wonder now,  if deep down inside I’ve been blaming Him for my problems. Lets just say its been a bad relationship…..

Fast forward to March 25 2013, Palm Sunday.

Jo-Anne wasn’t going to Church as she had to teach that day so what do I do? Well NORMALLY when she doesn’t go, neither do I,  because the ONLY reason I went was to epees her…..keep the wife happy.  This particular Sunday though I woke up and had this powerful desire to go? Instead of fighting it I went and boy am I glad I did.

Pastor Matt spoke a message that changed my life. He spoke of Sozo ( Healing, Salvation, Deliverance)  and he spoke of the fact that God CRAVES you. He spoke of Zacchaeus and the full Sozo encounter Jesus wanted to have with him.

My life, at that service,  took a drastic turn in direction. A transformation had started. At the end Pastor Matt asked for those that wanted to get their life right with Jesus to raise your hand. I knew I wanted to, I knew I had to.

I was one of the 5 that crossed from death to life that morning and I have been floating on air ever since.

I am feeling a change in my heart. It’s grown soft. I’m crying over everything……Okay, okay….Stop laughing at me….lol. Jo-Anne finds it a little humorous.

My values are changing. Some things I saw as right are now viewed with a different set of eyes. I’m being convicted of things that I never really thought of before. I’ve grown more caring. I view life differently BUT… I still have my sarcastic sense of humor though, (I think He likes that about me…HA!!)

BUT WAIT, The best,  has been the incredible Sozo Experience at Lakemount Worship Center

I went into it being very afraid of God. After all,  about the only passage of the Bible that this young believer knows is where it talks of God sitting on top of a white horse. “With justice he judges and wages war” Revelation 19 verse 11

To me, God was someone to be feared. BOY was I WRONG. The leaders on the Sozo team helped me to see God for what He really is and that’s a caring, loving father. They helped me to forgive people I didn’t even know I had to forgive and the introduced me to the Holy Spirit. The visions I had during the Sozo were crystal clear and powerful. I went in feeling very afraid of God to sitting on His lap and dancing with Jesus while God smiled and laughed.

I also finally dealt with some sin that I had buried in me. Sin that has been pestering me for years. It is now dealt with and locked behind a closed door, sealed by the blood of Jesus. WOW how great that feels.

I found out why I’m a perfectionist and I learned that I no longer need to seek the approval from people, That I’m fine as I am. That from now on I live out my life to an audience of one!

I learned SO much through that Sozo session. So much.

I know some of my friends may look at me like I’m crazy and hey, I may even lose a few do to my life changing transformation, but you know what? I don’t care. Remember, the doctors have already told me I’m a little crazy, so that’s nothing new to me.

I also know that some of my friends will tell me there is no God but let me tell you something. I’d rather live my life as an honest caring person, living for God and find out in the end that He doesn’t exist,  than to live my life full of sin, anger and bitterness only to find out that there is a God……just sayin.

So I’m continuing to grow and see changes. Key people are being placed on my path and I’m excited to see where this is going to lead to.

My desire is to return to school to take an Addictions and Community Worker course and to become a full time counselor. We shall see if it’s also in Gods plans for me. Finances are a big issue at the moment for this course. Please pray that if this is what God wants for me He will make it all work out.

Are you seeking?

I encourage you to listen to the podcast of  Pastor Matt’s powerful message titled SEEK AND SAVE.


2 thoughts on “Sought and Saved

  1. WOW!!!! This story and part 3 is so amazing that I am crying tears of JOY. God truly has answered all of my prayers that I have prayed for you everyday since I learned that you had bipolar disorder. I knew that God was going to heal you if you would let him heal your heart. I see the awesome change in you!!!!! I am so happy for you and so excited for what God is going to do in your life from now on. WOW!!!! I am so blown away at what God has done in your life and in mine. God is just so good and so faithful!!!!! Love and blessings, Maureen

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