Shall be away

I won’t be posting for the next few weeks………Stay tuned.

A couple from a recent trip out East




But Seriously?

Where to begin? I have been so lazy with this blog…..seriously, February was my last entry, really? Do I have any readers left? Well here are a few things that have been absorbing my time. I am still struggling with the challenges of  Bipolar Disorder…Medication…and a serious lack of drive ( or just being lazy as my daughter puts it…man, hearing that, kills me) For the most part things have been okay. I have my moments of Hell but mainly its the lack of motivation and drive thats hurting the most, both with my family and my art.


I have been out photographing only a handful of times and wonder if some of these meds are putting a real damper on my creative side. I have to thank a friend and fellow artist who got me out exploring Hamilton with my Holga. It stired something in me that I havent felt in a long time.


I have also been given the honor to be apart of a group of photographers in a foundation called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  An organisation started by a mother and the photographer that captured the remaining moments of a little boys life.  I haven’t been called out to a session yet and I’m sure they won’t be easy but I really feel led to give back in this way.


There have been some other changes around here and a vacation out East but I will leave that until another time. I am going to TRY to update this blog every Sunday night…..Wish me luck!!