Weathering the Storm

You can feel the unrest in the air. The winds pick up and the afternoon skys darken. As the thunder clouds roll in you begin to hear their furry. Lightning lights up the sky and the show begins.
The wind howls as it whips hail through the air, each piece touching down with the power of bullets.
The power of the storm increases, trees bend, visibility decreases, rain and hail beat down, lighting shatters the sky. A gasp is heard as a large limb from a neighboring tree snaps. Unable to withstand the pressure of the relentless storm it breaks away relieving the stress on the old tree.
Then as fast as it came the storm moved on leaving behind bits of branches, leaves and water filled ditches. The thunder hammering the skys in the distance.

While creating this image all I could think of was my moods. Right from the start I could see how this would parallel with how I felt. This has been reality for me over the past month. One internal storm after another. I was weened of my mood stabilizer due to the onset of a potentially dangerous skin rash. The psychiatrist didn’t want to take any chances so off I went. It has been a hellish month. Steady bouts of depression and anger as well as lack of any motivation has really taken its toll. I too am waiting for that limb to snap off. I need that relief.

I see the doctor today. I believe he is going to try me on Lithium. At this point all I want is normality, whatever that may look like. I’m ready for the storm to pass on, revealing a little sunshine in my world.
Here is to hoping.


2 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm

  1. Mitchell, I’ve been in the storm, too. Have I weathered it? I’m not sure. I think that some damage has been done, but I continue until the next storm. I hope that the medicine change to Lithium helps. I’ve heard good things about it from many who swear by it. It caused me severe gas, so I stopped it. I’m currently taking Lamictal – I’m on day 28 – you know the starter kit. I really hope for you, Mitchell.

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